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30 December 2011 @ 10:28 pm
Summary 2011  

The year is almost over and because of that retrospections, polls, Top and Flop lists etcetera are popping up everywhere. Here's another one.
Every once in a while I like to bore you with postings that don't include Shonen Club or similar videos. Since I really restrained from that this year most of the time, I put it all in here. I'm pretty much aware of the fact that I'm writing this post most likeley just for myself but whatever. So now I'll start spilling my toughts about 2011 without being asked^^. But I will stay on the topics that are relevant on this journal, so no politics or personal happenings or even the natural disasters in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, altough they had a big impact on me on various levels. So it's all about movies, music, TV and of course..Johnnys.

Movies of the year
Starry Starry Night
Directed by Tom Lin and starring Xu Jiao and Lin Hui-Min (sometimes credited as Eric Lin). The movie is based on a picturebook by Jimmy Liao and that's kind of obvious. The movie is visually stunning, has very beautiful effects and a great cinematography (by Jack Pollack). The story itself about coming of age, first love and family problems may not be the most inventive scipt of all time, but that really doesn't matter. The acting of Xu Jiao (wich most of you will know from being the boy (!) in Stephen Chows "CJ7") and newcomer Lin Hui-Min is very subtle and always convincing. Critics either loved or hated this movie, the ones who hated it claimed it was boring beyond belief and critisized the lack of a witty plot. I have to admit the plot isn't really genuine, but there are so many adoring little details  in this movie that I simply don't care about it. Also this movie had a very heartwarming epilouge. I'll end the description with a quote from a review from Twitchfilm:  "The heart and soul of this film belongs to its young stars and the creative talents who have transplanted their source material so wonderfully onscreen. STARRY STARRY NIGHT is a tender, heartfelt treat about the end of childhood and the loss of innocence and a flight of fancy well worth taking."  This sums it up perfectley.

Gantz/Another Gantz/Perfect Answer
I guess not all fans of the original manga were enthusiastic about the real live adaption of "Gantz", but I was for sure! But to be honest: How could a movie (or in this case: Three movies) fail to attract me that puts two of my all-time favourites (Ninomiya Kazunari and Hongo Kanata) in black leather armors and lets them be busy with wielding Katanas and firing oversized guns for a couple of hours? Not at all, of course! I love stuff like that! I liked the story, the action was great and the fact that it wasn't too "over-gory" also pleased me. I think the movies found a good compromise between the gore of the manga and the demands of a potential blockbuster. The only thing I have to critisize is that "Perfect Answer" didn't gave me a really perfect answer to some of the plots open questions. But I let the producers get away with that, especially since they decided to do the "Another Gantz" part, an idea wich I really appretiated.  

Nintama Rantaro
At first I was all "Huh?" as I heard that Miike Takashi was going to do a live action movie of "Nintama Rantaro", but again he totally won me over with this flick. After his kind of conventional "13 Asassins" (if you can call a movie that features an over one hour long battle scene conventional) this is kind of a "Back to the roots" Miike movie, wich means it is full of weird and WTF? scenes that are typical for Miike movies. It's kind of a "Dead or alive" for kids if this makes sense. Speaking of "for kids" this is actually the most family friendly movie Miike did up to date and it is a kind of achievement that it is on the same time as "Miike-style" as it can get, wich means you never know what you will see next. As almost always the plot  isn't really the focus of Miike, but that doesn't reduces the fun of watching this movie. The star-studded cast and the balance of absurdity and silliness does one more thing to make this really enjoyable. And of course it has Kato Seishiro in the lead, wich makes this movie even better to me, since I totally adore this boy.
I wrote about that movie several times before, so I keep it short: Koreeda Hirokazu has done another very,very,very good movie. I'm not sure yet if I should call it "masterpiece" or not, since Koreeda has set the bar high with some of his previous movies like "No one knows" or "Still walking". The movie is somewhat lighter in tone than most of his other works, but all his signature features are here as well. And the cast is also great (extra kudos to the Maeda brothers Koki and Oshiro for their absolutley convincing debut as lead stars in a movie).

GachiBan Max/Ultimatum

Hopping from a Koreeda movie to the "GachiBan" series is kind of a big jump. I'm aware that these movies are "Trash movies", but I like them anyways. These five movies (GachiBan Max, GachiBan Max 2, Gachi Max Final, GachiBan Maximum The Movie, GachiBan Ultimatum Part 1) were all produced and released 2010/2011, they are all low-budget, they are all very violent,they all lack a very witty script (except for Gachi Max Final, maybe) and their message is at first sight kind of questionable. BUT: They all have Kubota Masataka in the lead, they are all kind of funny (sometimes unintentionally), they offer some really nice (beating-) action and they are also ..sexy (first of all because of Kubota Masataka..*gasp*). So, yeah..I really like these movies..but I can understand everyone who does not.
The little Comedian
This movie isn't from 2011, it is from 2010, but I encountered it just this year so that's why I included it here. Superb movie! Starts like an over the edge slapstick comedy and then turns into a wonderful coming-of-age movie, carried by the nuanced performance of lead actor Chawin Likitchareonpong. Great performance! In the tag-line of the movie he asks: "Will you love me if I'm not funny?" The answer is a clear and loud "Yes!".

Gibier d'élevage
Directed by Rithy Panh this movie from Cambodia takes the story of "Shiiku" by Oe Kenzaburo into a new context by transfering it from Japan of World War 2 to Cambodia in 1972. As in his previous movies Panh mixed documentary footage with movie elements to get the highest impact. His movie shifts the focus of the original story from the adult residents to the boys of the village who have to guard a captured US soldier. This isn't as far as bitter and deep than the movie of Oshima Nagisa from 1961, wich was based on the same novel, but it is really worth watching, altough Panh took only the setting (villagers who capture a black US pilot) and some motives from the original novel, but changed the behaviour and motivations of the characters completley. But this makes it even more interesting.

There were a few other nice movies this year , like the Saulus-to-Paulus Sport drama "Glove" (starring Yeong Yae-yeong, Kim Hie-seong and Lee Hyun-woo), but all in all the movies above were my Top ones this year. But I have to say I watched almost 50% less movies than in 2010 for whatever reason.

Dramas of the year
Marumo no Okite

 I really didn't expected much of this drama at the beginning. A talking dog, two little kids and Abe Sadao in the lead..sounded like a completley ridiculous setting, but in fact I haven't enjoyed a drama that much since "Ninkiyo Helper". Great mix of humor and heart. Plus the cast was very good, especially the trio Abe Sadao, Suzuki Fuku and Ashida Mana (who is normally just a nag to me, I have to admit). The SP following the drama was also a very good one.

11 Nin mo Iru!

I'm still in the process of watching this, so it's impossible to carry out a complete validation, but what I've seen so far hit the bullseye of my humor center with full force. The story is highly genuine, the cast is brilliant and most of the gags are spot-on. Also, it has Kamiki Ryunosuke and Kato Seishiro in leading roles, wich was reason enough for me to check this drama out. I wasn't disappointed at all, quite the contrary.

Don Quixote

Another comedy. "Don Quixote" also tried to work as a drama, but let's face it, almost everything here was not much more than calendar motto pedagogics. Doesn't matter, because the comedy part worked more than well. From the guest stars to the supporting roles the cast was perfect, but what really carried the series was the great interplay between Matsuda Shota and "Mr.Everywhere" Takahashi Katsumi. If there was a "Best Duo performance" award I would give it to them this year without a doubt.

Yokai Ningen Bem

Between the first three dramas above and three following is a sort of gap. Not a giant-sized one, but a medium-sized one. I liked the performances of Kamenashi Kazuya as Bem and Suzuki Fuku as Bero in this, but having the anime in mind Anne as Bera was the only one who was perfectly casted for her role. The episodes had some remarkable variations in quality and Kitamura Kazuki didn't convinced me at all as detective. Nevertheless I enjoyed this drama quite a lot.


"School!!" started off with an excellent first episode, then slowy went down but got back on track towards the end. With some more constancy this could have been a big hit for me. But it was good enough to end up in my top five. Mainly because of the very good supporting actors, namely Nishijima Hidetoshi, Tsukamoto Takashi , Kishibe Ittoku and some of the newcomers that were casted as the Shingu elementary school fifth graders.

Good life ~ Arigato,Papa.Sayonara~

I was sometimes wondering why I watched that. Every tragic way the story could go it goes, every possible catastrophe is happening and many of the episodes were weighing tons of phatos. But the main actors Sorimachi Takashi as father and Kabe Amon as his son managed to make me actually care for them and hooked me up to the series until the bitter (in fact not so bitter) end. Sadly the supporting cast didn't managed to do that at all, except for Ihara Tsuyoshi as pediatrist.

Albums of the year

Much in contrast to the previous two years, my "charts" weren't very much dominated by Asian artist in 2011. In fact only four made it into my top-ten this year ( Kanjani8 - "Fight", →Pia-no-jaC← - "Eat a classic 3", Sungha Jung - "Irony" and Mayday - "Second round") and since the rest of it wouldn't interest you at all I guess, I'll just skip this part. 

Singles of the year

The same as in "Albums of the year". The diffrence is that the Number one and the number two singles of my personal charts are :

1. Kaoru to Tomoki, Tamani Mook - Maru Maru Mori Mori

I don't know how often this incredible catchy song popped out of nowhere in my mind during the year, but it was quite often. If someone had played that song to me a few years back and told me it would become a #1 song in my yearly personal charts, I would have suggested him to meet a psychiatrist.

2. Sexy Zone - Sexy Zone

"Sexy Zone" was most probably the most played track on my PC as well as on my CD player during the last few months. I guess my neighbours can sing along to it already.  And I like the B-Side "Knock!Knock!!Knock!!!" as much as the A-Side. Something that made it special was the fact that for the first time ever I was really exited about the sales of a Single and the race for the Number one position at the Oricon charts (We won!!..just to say it again..^^). It was also the first time that I bought five singles of the same song if I remember it well.

Newcomers/Shooting stars of the year (Johnnys)

1. Matsushima Sou

It was never easier to decide for this than this year. As I wrote several times ago, Sou didn't had me in his hands immediately, but now I'm lying at his feet completely devoted. I love the way he talks (and he talks a lot), I love the way he laughs, I love his singing voice, I love his beautiful eyes, I love his dancing , I love his interviews in the magazines and to shorten it up I love everything else about him.

2. Jinguji Yuta

In difference to Sou I liked Yuta right from the point as I first saw him. In the middle of the year it seemed like he would vanish among the backdancing crowd of Juniors. But I never lost track on him and with appearances on "Yan Yan JUMP" and his addition to the regular cast of "Johnnys Junior Land" he achieved a place in the spotlight and it seems I'm not the only one who really likes him now.

3. Sato Shori / Marius Yo / Kuramoto Kaoru

Shori and Kaoru appeared on my radar as soon as they "debuted" on the stage of Shonen Club. I saw high potential for both of them, but I didn't expected Shori to become as popular as he now is that fast. I'm still pretty sure Shori will become one of Johnnys biggest stars in the near and distant future and I also think Kaoru will have a bright future in the agency despite the fact he wasn't choosen to debut yet. I didn't took notice of Marius until his first appearance on Shonen Club, but I'm very happy (and even a bit proud, altough this is kind of idiotic) that a German boy managed to debut in JE.

4. Ae Shonen

The new Kansai Junior unit that grabbed me by their performances on the Osaka SC episodes. I would love to see more of them, and I have high hopes to do so especially for Yoshino Iori, who has the potential to become the next Nakayama Yuma as well as for Nagase Ren.

5. Kamiyama Tomohiro

Of course not a "Newcomer", but a "Shooting star" in my own personal reception. I never paid much attention to him , but now I really, really like him. As in "REALLY, REALLY"!!

Newcomers/Shooting Stars of the year (Non-Johnnys)

1. Suzuki Fuku

The #1 in this categeory was also an easy pick. Fuku appeared in three of my Top-five dramas this year and performed my Number one single. Also he had really nice guest appearances in shows like "Smap x Smap", "Arashi ni Shiyagare", "Music Japan", "VS Arashi" and lots of others. As I first saw him in 2010 in "Chonmage Purin" with Nishikido Ryo I considered him just a cute kid, but I wasn't too impressed of his acting skills. But he advanced a lot since then, especially in "Marumo no Okite" he had some really impressive scenes. And he is still incredible cute.

2. Kubota Masataka

Absolutley no newcomer, but he showed me a completley diffrent side of him in the "Gachi Ban" movies this year. In previous years he was always casted as a soft, friendly guy with a kind of confusedness, like in "Keitai Sosakan 7" or "The Ancient Dogoo Girl".
In the "Gachi Ban" series he is exactley the opposite character, but as convincing as in his previous roles. I've never expected to see him taking on roles like that, and that's why I included him in this list.

3. Chawin Likitjareonpong

Chawin Likitjareonpong, who goes with the kind of immodest sounding nickname "Fame" in Thailand, did an extremley good job in "The little comedian". I would even say it was perfect. He was by far the best lead actor (of all ages) I saw in any movie this year. I really hope to see more of him in the future. Besides "The little comedian" I only saw bits and pieces of him on Thai TV, but the majority of them was still in any way or the other connected to this movie, so I don't know if he has new projects going on. I strongly hope so!

4. Lin Hui-Min

Lin Hui-Min/Eric Lin/林晖闵 convinced me completley with his natural and unagitated acting in his first movie "Starry Starry night". An absolute newcomer , as far as I know he never stood in front of a camera before. Recentley he said he could imagine to act again later, but that he will concentrate on his studies first. Thanks God he is not a JE-artist, because then this remark would have meant "It was nice to meet you, but you will never see me again!".

5. Nakamura Shuga / Negishi Taiki

Nakamura Shuga scrambles about on drama and movie sets since the age of four, but I noticed him this year for the first time. He was in BOSS 2 and in the Drama Special "Furusato ~Musume no Tabidachi~" in wich I liked his performance very much. He would have been my number one choice for the role of Bero in "Yokai Ningen Bem" (altough I'm okay with Suzuki Fuku, of course). Negishi Taiki is not as long active than Shuga (He made his acting debut in late 2009 in a PV for High Speed Boyz), but was very active this year. I saw him first in a short by Kiyoshi Endo called "Dream Photo" in 2010, and then in this years drama "School!!". Since then he was in two movies ("Ekureru: Okashi kourouki" and "Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful : The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals" ..or something like that) and I'm pretty sure we'll see him more often in the coming years.

Johnny's Ups and let downs

I'm pretty sure my ups and let downs are comprehensible when you look at my entries over this year, and since this post is already long enough  I keep this very short: On my up-list are first of all the Sexy Zone debut, the new and promising Juniors galore that entered the agency this year and the Kis-my-Ft2 debut. The number one let down wasn't really a let down..it was much more a worst case scenario coming true. Speaking of  the sacking of Morimoto Ryutaro from Hey!Say!JUMP. It still angers me how JE handeld this thing. I have to admit my excitment for HSJ has cooled down in a noticeable way since Ryutaro left. Other let downs were the (still not official) break-up of B.I.Shadow, the injury-lay off of Kouchi Yugo, the leave of Murata Rikito, the "Beautiful world" Album by Arashi and the usual whinings when your favourites (in my case Yasui Kentaro and Morimoto Shintaro) are suddenly removed from the spotlight, wich of course has to happen every year. 

As disappointing their 2011 Album was to me, Arashi still offered me some of the finest TV entertainment, especially in "Arashi ni Shiyagare" (The episode with Uchida Atsuto and Kawashima Eiji was my personal highlight), but also in VS Arashi, altough I didn't watched it as regulary as I did previously (Highlight: The episode against the Nintama Rantaro Team featuring a very combative Hayashi Roi). Other formats I enjoyed the most this year were Shonen Club (of course!), Yan Yan Jump (at least until they decided to just filming Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru eating) and first of all: Johnnys Junior Land, of wich I enjoyed every single episode a lot!!

To end this post, here is a little supplement to the "Singles" category, wich also sums up many of the things in 2011 that I didn't wrote about. It is a cover version of Coldplays "Fix you" recorded by artists from all over the world  for the project "Music matters for Japan". It's a wonderful version with a very touching video. Everytime when I hear Miyazawa Yuto singing the last line of the song, I get wet eyes.
You can see and hear this by yourself by downloading the video here: MF
I highly recommend it.
 See you next year!
chapstickmurmurchapstickmurmur on December 30th, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
Happy New Years!

I love summary posts the most, even if their self-indulgent, I find them the most interesting to read.

Gantz I thought was great. I was a little bored with the first movie since it followed the manga too closely and the pace felt slow, but perfect answer made up for it. As you said, even though it didn't provide a "perfect answer" I was still quite happy with how it ended and the ferris wheel scene was just beautiful. I think the gore and nudity suited the original manga but I'm glad they down played it in the movies. At the moment, I'm curious as to how the manga will end since the plots gotten a bit outta hand.

I think it's odd how Kouchi appears on School Kakumei but is absent from SC recordings. I really think it has more to do with a BIS cooling off period for Sexy Zones debut than his injury. Kouchi's also been studying for his university entrance exams (which he passed!) so fingers crossed that he makes a return in feb.
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on December 31st, 2011 01:02 am (UTC)
Happy New Years to you, too!
And thanks for all your comments and remarks you did here during the last year :)
About Yugo: You could be right that his absence from SC has to do with a BIS cooling off period, but on the other hand everything he did on School Kakumei was viable even with a healing broken collarbone, but dancing and performing on Shonen Club would have been much more risky. So it was a mixture of both of the aspects, I guess. I heard about his university entrance exams, too. Congartulations to him! :) But from an egoistic point of view it makes me kind of sad that I have to wait until February to see him perform again. (If he won't be on Februarys SC I will jump off the roof..well, maybe that is a little exaggeration)
chapstickmurmur: Souchapstickmurmur on December 31st, 2011 01:19 am (UTC)
lol jump off the roof? No need to fracture your own collarbone as well XD But I hope to see him performing soon, SC isn't the same without him.
Akitochan: ShoriKaorumiyakekenwings on December 31st, 2011 06:06 am (UTC)
Yoi Otoshi wo~
Happy New Year!!!

wow, your fandom really look like me!
I love Shori-Kaoru the best
second is Marius-Yuta-Sou => best couple too ha~

Kamichan is my fav from 2008s, OMG, he's really sexy and i'm glad to see him with Yuma on drama!

my classmate danced Maru Maru Mori Mori and now it become popular in my grade ("Japanology").
Ashida Mana is the most beautiful girl in Japan i've ever seen~ >
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 1st, 2012 02:50 am (UTC)
Thank you, and happy new year to you, too! :)
I'm really looking forward to the drama, the story sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I hope someone will sub it.
narqissanarqissa on December 31st, 2011 12:07 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year to you ^^
Akemashite omedetto gozaimasu m(_ _)m

Thanks for all your amazing post for this past year. Even tough I didn't post in every post that I download but I really thank you for it :)

And concerning Yugo-kun, yeah I really worried about him too. especially since I didn't have any clue at all about why and how he got that injury and how is he doing now. Hope be able to see him and RYUTARO in the dragon year. I really hope the Dragon will take him back to us >.
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 1st, 2012 02:58 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! :) Happy new year to you. too!
especially since I didn't have any clue at all about why and how he got that injury and how is he doing now.
I don't know how he got the injury, but he seems to be fine now. Sadly he won't be on January SC episodes, but just because of being busy with his university entrance exams as they were recorded. It seems he has fully recovered from his injury.
I really hope the Dragon will take him back to us >. Very well said^^. I hope so too, but my hopes aren't really high...
seaukunseaukun on January 3rd, 2012 09:16 am (UTC)
Time keeps on changing.
Many thing happenned in 2011.
I met many fresh Johnny Jr. Some band debut.
Something was bad. Something was good.
But we could overcome them.
That is so fantastic years.

And thank you always. :))

Happy new year. :) Wish you good health. :))

yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 4th, 2012 12:27 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I wish you a happy new year and good health, too! :)
There is always something good and something bad during a year, but according JE the good things far outweighed the bad things in my mind. :)
Minam: Shokiminam_shi on January 3rd, 2012 11:59 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year~~!

It's intersting to read, I'll probably watch some of the dramas you talk about :)
I remember that I talk with you about Jinguji because bith of us liked him already from the begining. However, my opiniok about him at changed when I saw him in JJL. Finally, even if he is cute and his eyes are the prettiest, I can't stand his atitude during talk. I may have wrong, because unfortunatly we don't see egouth on TV to get the personality of a Jr but I find that he is someone who think that he is superior to other people and I can't stand this part of him ><

I share your point of you about Hey!Say!JUMP without Ryuutaro. Now there's nobody I love that much in HS7. If I'm still into this group it's only because I love the mood into HSB.

Talking about my favorites who has been removed from spotlight, it's something I understand but it makes me really sad .__. From my 4 favorite, I'm glad that Hashimoto Ryo is full into the spolight, I'm looking forward to see him in this week's JJL ! :D But I'm worried about Morohoshi Shoki because it seems that he won't stay in front of the stage with the other members of his group. Then I'm also worried about Kouchi but I'm a bit more.confident about the fact that the Jimusho will give him a good place in the futur. However, seeing Otsuka Yuya being removed from.spotlight totally disapointed me. It's the most painful thing I had from the Johnny's. Sometime I almost cry when I think about him. I wonder how a boy as cute as him.can suddenly be removed from his place. I don't underqstand why they suddenly stopped to show him. I know that he's not the only one in that case so I can understanf the feeling of the fans of another boy like him.

To me 2011 was my third year as a Johnny's fan and it the year I stopped to follow Arashi and I discovered the Juniors. I regret I didn't pay attention to them before ! :O
I hope 2012 will bring up some good Shokura, Yan Yan JUMP and JJL full of Juniors ^o^)/ I hope they will hold some concerts - why not a only with Jrs. concert ;) - and I hope I'll be able to see many of them this summer ! :)
Minam: Shokiminam_shi on January 4th, 2012 12:05 am (UTC)
Sorry, I'm still not able to write properly with my new handy .__.

I wish 2012 will bring you a lot of wonderful things, in your fandom as in your real life ^o^)/~~
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 4th, 2012 12:56 am (UTC)
I wish 2012 will bring you a lot of wonderful things, in your fandom as in your real life ^o^)/~~
Thank you! I wish you the same! :)
And thanks for your detailed comment.
About Jinguji: I find that he is someone who think that he is superior to other people and I can't stand this part of him
In fact this is something I like about him. I don't know why, but I kinda like this kind of arrogant self-assessment sometimes. But I only like it when it is kind of reasonable.And in Yutas case it is. This was also one of the (many) reasons why I liked Ryutaro that much..
I'm also very worried about Morohoshi Shoki (and about Kadoi Kento as well) and I agree to you about Otsuka Yuya. I don't get it at all why he was pushed in the back this year completley :(. He looks still cute as hell, he is still in many performances doing very well, but always only in the back. I have no idea why.

An "only Jrs. Concert" would be a great thing^^..if they would release it as DVD, that is. Not gonna happen, most likley..
PS: Don't worry about not being able to write properly with your handy. It was all completley understandable. I am still not able to write properly via mobile phone at all...I just use it to phone, if at all (I hate mobile phones^^).
Minam: Jessiminam_shi on January 4th, 2012 01:30 am (UTC)
Okay, so at least you also noticed this part of Jinguji ! ^^ I understand that you like it but I can't watch the parts of JJL when he use this arrogance-or i don't know how should I call it- with Kaoru and Marius. =X He said for a magazine too that he was friend with Kaoru but I wonder what does Kaoru think about him...^.^'?

Yes it' the same as Shoki for Kento :( And Kento don't have a TV Show as Shoki... I hope for him that he will be with more guys from his age if he join another unit. I also don't understand why thoose who are line up with Otsuka still appeared in magazines and TV Show (because he is still for exemple in the dance group with Kishi Yuta, Kurita, Reia or Tanimura) but he's the only one from them who suddenly didn't get any these appearances .__.

Actually I didn't want this mobile phone (I was against the smarthphone :p) but my mother said me that it wasn't acceptable to have nowaday the one I had before x) Finally I like it but it's a loose of time .__. I should sleep right now because tomorow I go to school but I'm here because of it ! :P
ヤブ☂ヒカinferi26 on January 6th, 2012 11:22 am (UTC)
Happy New Year even if I'm late! <3

now I'm dying to watch Nintama Rantarou, Kiseki, Starry Starry Night and almost everything on the drama list. XD but I can't find Nintama Rantarou with subs ;u; #fail

Hope that you'd have a great year ahead and may this year be the best that you'll have so far! :) <3
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 7th, 2012 01:11 am (UTC)
Thank you for your comment and your nice wishes! Happy new year to you, too :)
I hope you'll enjoy the movies and dramas if you're going to watch them. Regarding Nintama Rantarou there aren't english subtitles out yet, as far as I know. But I'm pretty sure they will appear more sooner than later.
ヤブ☂ヒカinferi26 on January 8th, 2012 03:25 am (UTC)
watched the first two episodes of Marumo no Okite yesterday and tears came after 20 mins of the first episode. ;AAAAAAAAAAAA; Fuku and Mana are just so cute and Mook reminds me of Inoo's dog. XD shall wait for the subs for Nintama \o/
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 9th, 2012 11:52 pm (UTC)
I'm very glad you seem to like Marumo no Okite :)
I'm sure subs will pop up for Nintama Rantaro sooner or later. It seems many people are waiting for them. Usually Miike movies get subbed pretty fast..but it could take a bit longer than usual, since this is one is aiming at a diffrent audience than most of his other movies, so maybe the "usual" subbers are staying away from it, yet.
ヤブ☂ヒカinferi26 on January 10th, 2012 10:46 am (UTC)
I love it :'D and Fuku and Mana are just so cute. Wait. I think I already said that. xDD

;oooo; but it seems like a nice movie. ;A; hope they sub it soon ;o;
kokyushadowland: pic#114463183kokyushadowland on January 10th, 2012 11:58 am (UTC)
many thing happen in 2011... in johnny's also..
i curious about ae shounen performance..
they're take my attention.. Daigo Nishihata said he wanna be Tokyo Jr. to meet Shori and other Sexy Zone's...
Ikemen Shori had admire ... :)
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 13th, 2012 09:25 pm (UTC)
I've read that remark of Daigo. It is amazing how fast Shori makes even other juniors his fans.^^
kenbanana on January 13th, 2012 03:01 pm (UTC)
I really loved GANTZ too ! Not only because Nino is my bias in Arashi, but I love action-movies, and I didn't know that Japanese was able to do something like that, actually, I was impressed...The effects was great ! But I have to admit that the second movie wasn't so great as the first one...Too much more blood (I can't stand on blood). But not bad, just not good as the first one. ^^
Concerning Sexy Zone, you already know how I feel about this, don't you ? Since I was a huge fan of B.I.SHADOW, I can't stand on this, I just blame SZ to be responsible of the separation of my group. If Johnny-san let Kento and Fuma being in the 2 groups, maybe...maybe things will be different. The worse is that I'm afraid that when the others will debut one day, they'll not be together, because since the separation of their group, we don't see them together in the magazine. I really love Hoku/Yugo OTP, I just hope he'll make them debut together. And I hope to see Yugo on stage very soon again !

To make it clear, I think 2011 was a very painful year for the Johnny's Jimusho. Too many people who quit, was separated, sto being in the spotlight suddenly...And the atmosphere in the Shounen Club wasn't very good, I don't know but it was like a big vacuum...I think it was a little better when the 2 guys of NEWS and KAT-TUN were MC. I think, I started to taking off a bit of the Johnny's. I'm recently extremely interested about some other J-Pop groups. But it doesn't mean I stopped following my fav J.E members, not at all ! xD

Okay, so that's it. And I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Let's Hope you'll continue to post the videos as always, ne ? ^^

Edited at 2012-01-13 03:08 pm (UTC)
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on January 13th, 2012 09:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your cooment and happy new year to you, too :)
I liked the first part of Gantz also a bit better, because the story in the second one was a bit muddled for some parts. Most of the other people seem to like the second movie better, but I'm with you about liking the first one more.
I know about your feelings about Sexy Zone, and altough I have a diffrent kind of view I can totally understand it.
My excitement for Johnnys in general may not be as high as in 2007-2010, but it is still very high. Especially because of all the new and very promising Juniors that entered during this year. I'm curious what 2012 will bring and I look forward to it. :)