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07 March 2012 @ 07:00 pm
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Shonen Club  Episode 2012/03/02 , R no Housoku Episode 2012/02/29 Cuts and various other things..

Shonen Club videos are 1024 x 576 res., Avi, all on Medifire. Credits for FS to Shokura@lj. R no Housoku cut is 1280 x 720 res., MP4.


Opening song is Hey!Say!JUMPs "Super Delicate" performed by Arioka Daiki, Yamada Ryosuke and Yabu Kota backed up by middle-sized (yellow) and mini-sized (red)  juniors. Good one!
Download : MF

Intro Talk/ Nakama Medley

After the Intro Talk and announcement of the episodes theme ("Nakama"= Comrade) by Daiki, Yamada and Yabu (included in file) the theme medley starts with SMAPs "Dynamite" by TOY (again with Morita Myuto on the mic, wich still makes me ridiculously happy). Next part is "Kanashimi Blue" (Originally a Kinki Kids song, if I'm not wrong). Frontline performers are Kouchi Yugo, Morimoto Shintaro, Tanaka Juri and Morohoshi Shoki. Nice combination, if you ask me. Matsumura Hokuto, Hagiya Keigo, Kishi Takayoshi and Hanazawa Akatsuki are backing up.

Kyomoto Taiga and Jesse Lewis are doing "Family -Hitotsu ni Naru Koto-" (Kinki Kids, again) as a duet, before "Keep the faith (Kat-tun) closes the medley. Frontline performers of the closing segment are Hokuto, Keigo, Takayoshi and Akatsuki, this time Yugo, Shintaro, Juri and Shoki are doing the back-up with Taiga and Jesse also still on vocals. Good medley, but a bit unbalanced: "Family.." got the most  attention, while the other songs were just more or less performed as snippets. It also kind of saddened me that Kadoi Kento is the only ex-member of Hip Hop Jump who hasn't found a new grouping "home". I don't have high hopes anymore to see him again at all :(
Download : MF


Talk part of Daiki, Yamada and Yabu with Marius Yo, Sato Shori and Matsushima Sou about the episodes theme. I wonder why Marius always ends up on speaking about cookies when being interviewed by Daiki... Also remarkable: Daiki tells Marius he could be seen by his comrades in Germany on TV now because Shonen Club was aired "all around the world". I'm curious about if Daiki really believes that. But maybe he just wanted to say something nice to Marius.
Download : MF

Sexy Zone

Another performance of "Sexy Zone" by Sexy Zone. And once again without Kikuchi Fuma ( Don't know the reason, but I think I've read somewhere he was ill on the recording day). And also once again, the choreographers weren't able to come up with an adjusted choreo. Apart from that: nice performance and featuring backdancers that are rarely to be seen clearly on SC ( Igarashi Taiki !!)
Download : MF

Let's sing a song

A.B.C-Z performing a new song called "Let's sing a song". And it's a very good one! Sounds a bit like a crossing of a musical piece and a classic Disney movie song. I like it. The performance with many very decorative juniors in the back (including Yugo, Juri, Hokuto, Myuto, Shoki and lots more) was also a very good one. To me this was the most enjoyable performance in this episode.
Download : MF

Nekketsu Junior Battle

Game is "Johnnys Song Quiz 2012". I like the song quiz games, they are always a guarantee for good entertainment. Daiki, Yamada and Yabu as MCs, Sanada Yuma, Nozawa Yuki, Kyomoto Taiga, Tanaka Juri and Morohoshi Shoki as participants and Morita Myuto as helper. Very entertaining! Highlights to me were the very physical approach of Sanada and the private duel that Taiga started with Myuto.
Download : 001   002   (Join with HJSplit)

Next up was a performance by Kis-my-Ft2 of "Fire Beat". Altough I like the song, the performance added next to nothing new to earlier ones, so no cut. There was no Jr. ni Q, instead they showed a lengthy report from the Debut DVD presentation of A.B.C-Z. Also no cut.
Edit: Kis-myFt2 performance of "Fire Beat" added on demand.
Download: MF

Ai, Texas

Tomohisa Yamashita performance of his new single "Ai, Texas". I still don't know if I like it or not. Of course Yamapis performance was far off the disastrous "gig" Akanishi Jin did in the previous episode, in fact it was quite good, but it didn't knocked me over . Also the song itself doesn't do anything to me, neither in a positive nor in negative way.
Download : MF


Talk part of Daiki,Yamada and Yabu with Yamapi after his performance.
Download : MF


Ending song is "Seishun Amigo" fronted by Yamapi and Nakajima Kento with A.B.C-Z . Kis-my-Ft2 joining in and lots of Juniors (including TOY, Yugo, Hokuto, Taiga, Juri and so on..) are in the back. Good one, but to be honest I've seen much better versions of this song on Shonen Club the last few years. For whatever reason the usual energy of the song wasn't there. And so I spended the most time of the song to figure out if it was Watanabe Haruki on the left side of the stairs or not (I failed to draw a conclusion).
Download : MF

This episode won't make it into my historybook of Shonen Club for sure..
+ ABC-Zs new song                                                  - No Jr. ni Q
+ Yugo, Shintaro,Juri and Shoki performing together    - No Kadoi Kento
+ Again many really nice Myuto moments                  - No Watanabe Haruki (most likely)
+ Igarashi Taiki in the "Sexy Zone" performance          - No Kikuchi Fuma
                                      - Just too many average or even boring stuff.

R no Housoku Cut

Normally it doesn't makes any sense to do cuts of "R no Housoku", because most of the time the show works only at a whole. But in the show of 02/29 the theme was "fashion show". The episode had it's focus on the girls very much, but at the end the boys also got their chance to enter the catwalk. Featuring Konno Takayuki and Morohoshi Shoki. And since it seems I'm not the only one who really likes Konpi (and Shoki, too), here's the cut (MP4, HD) :
Download : MF

I think you already know about "Shiritsu Bakalea Koukou", the drama that will star Morimoto Shintaro, Kouchi Yugo, Matsumura Hokuto, Tanaka Juri, Jesse Lewis and Kyomoto Taiga ( and also Takaki Yuya, but I'm not sure if he will be in the regular cast or just a "special guest"). If not go here.
The drama will start on 04/14 and needless to say I'm looking forward to it veeeery much ! By the way, am I the only one who thinks Shintaro looks more and more similar (just in an older "version") to Kaneko Mitsunobu ? (Click the pics below if you want to know if you agree or not)

And since today it's still 03/07 here and already 03/08 there:
Happy Birthday Fuma (03/07) and Yugo (03/08) !!!!!!!!!!

superchrist_jesuperchrist_je on March 8th, 2012 01:46 am (UTC)
Okay, so Kishimoto probably left for good by now.. such a pity *sigh*.. Anyway, I have been thinking for a while on this combination and in the light of the recent groupings and pairs it seems like a plausible thought:

Ootsuka + Konpi + Kadoi + Muraji

Yuya and Konpi appear as a pair a lot when backdancing and they're both cute and awesome at dancing. Then Kadoi is all that too, that's why he's getting kicked of the new line-ups. And Muraji-Konpi made a come-back on March's magazines <3 Then again I'm just suffering from persistent delusional disorder too, so don't take me too seeriously xD

I had watched the first 3 epis of R no Housoku but even though it was interesting it didn't captivated me enough to keep watching.. But after watching the last two that you posted I was very very happy for them (+ Jury & Jesse) and the Interview's Manners were extremely useful too!! You know what, I might even do them all from when I stopped *o*

The drama news are great, though I'm still thinking Keigo should've got in somewhere. A rival school, no? I didn't know about Takaki though, so thanks for the info m(_ _)m.
Ah, but I had a dream last night.. Impossible, but extremely irresistible: A scene where those 6 got confronted with an older gang. ~ He's leaning on a byke, tosses out the cigarette, and fearfully Shintarou says: "Aniki..". And RYUU's face appears, tottally cool, "Yo, otouto.." ~ *dies* *dies twice* *dies uncountable times!!*

P.S.: O-tanjoubi Omedetou for both! I'll count Myuto's appearances again once we get the next epi ;D

Edited at 2012-03-08 03:55 am (UTC)
Mavarta: pic#6ryuu4mavarta on March 8th, 2012 08:32 am (UTC)
That is an interesting dream...I wish I could sneak into your dream... XD
superchrist_jesuperchrist_je on March 9th, 2012 12:19 am (UTC)
All right! I'll leave the door open for you next time ;D
yabu_takeshiyabu_takeshi on March 8th, 2012 11:50 pm (UTC)
Ootsuka + Konpi + Kadoi + Muraji

That would be a great grouping!!..but I didn't see it coming for real. By the way, thinking of plausible or "perfect" groupings isn't already a symptom of the mentioned persisten delusional order...but something's telling me you're a candidate, too, for sure..^^

You know what, I might even do them all from when I stopped
I don't know if I could really recommend you to do that. For instance, the two episodes between the one about interview manners and the one with the fashion show were incredibly boring (one theme was "sleepover" and the other one I already forgot about..)

Oh, they are actually speaking Japanese in your dreams? I have dreams that involve JE members quite often, but they always speaking in my native language. In fact I remember a dream where I was hired for whatever job at the jimousho and because none of the boys talked in Japanese to me I was really angered: "Why am I studying this freaking hard to learn language when all of you speak German???"^^
But in most of the dreams this comes in handy, of course...^^

superchrist_jesuperchrist_je on March 9th, 2012 12:16 am (UTC)
haha, everyone likes to do their pairings and groups ne xD In the end, Johnny-san always finds a way to surprise us all so I guess it's a bit like playing in the lottery ^^;

Hmm, maybe I'll stalk around and see which ones people found more interesting (and featured more the boys ;))

They do! It's actually amazing how they sometimes can speak up to 4 languages on the same sentence and still understand each other xD But seriously, it's an excellent way to train Jap. if you're into learning it. And you'll be really happy when you realize you were able to make a whole dialog unconsciously :D