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Shonen Club Cuts episode 03/09/2012.

All videos are 1024 x 576 res., all in avi format, all on Mediafire. Credits for FS to shokura@lj.


After Jesse Lewis gave a welcome to the audience and the viewers in both Japanese and English, the show started with a dance medley. We hadn't such a "no song" opening for quite some time. The first parts are performed by Juniors in diffrent combinations (including TOY and the groupings of the previous episode featuring Kouchi Yugo, Matsumura Hokuta, Morimoto Shintaro, Tanaka Juri..and so on..). Then also the debuted groups entered the stage (Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z and Kis-my-Ft2). Not very much surprising, the A.B.C-Z part was the most impressive and acrobatic one. A very nice to watch opener!
Download : MF


Intro talk with hosts Arioka Daiki, Yamada Ryosuke and Yabu Kota with Nakajima Kento and Sato Shori. The theme of the episode is Sotsugyo (= Graduation), that's why Kento and Shori are in this talk, since they are graduating in spring (on diffrent levels, of course.).
Download : MF


Hey!Say!JUMP medley performed by Daiki, Yamada and Yabu with Juniors in the back (featuring Yamashita Kazunari and Igarashi Taiki).  Consisting of "Super Delicate", "Hitomi no Screen" (Yamado solo) and "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy". Good one!
Download : MF

Anata ni Otegami Kakimashou

Sato Shori and Matsushima Sou reading their letters to each other. Some very cute moments, especially Sou shortly before he started to reading his letter and Shoris reactions. In terms of content nothing surprising, at least as far as I could understood them. Shori reads far to fast for my ears, I have to admit. 
Download : MF

Suki sugite

New song by Sexy Zone. A nice and  happy ( maybe even a bit too happy) pop tune. It doesn't hit me instantly between the eyes (or the ears) like "Knock!Knock!!Knock!!!" did, but "I see the light" (altough a totally diffrent styled song than "Suki sugite") didn't neither..and now it pops up in my head all the time. The performance was really good and energetic, but like last week Fuma was missing, again (of course, since both episodes are recorded at once). It seemed this time Shori took over some of his lines, but I don't know for sure since this is the first time I heard them performing this song. I'm also not sure if this song will be included on the new single, wich will be released on 04/11/2012 ( this time in "only" three diffrent versions).
Download :  MF

Za ABC ~5 Star~

Performance by A.B.C-Z of the leadtrack of their DVD-single with a partially new choreo (Most of the new parts were given away already in the opening dance medley). The same Juniors as last week are backdancing. Good performance, but I enjoyed last weeks performance a bit better. But that's only my personal taste and not about the quality of this performance here.
Download : MF


Long and very good Medley by Kis-my-Ft2 consisting of "Inori", "Everybody go!" and "Tension", all songs wich I really like. A strong and enjoyable performance. One of the highlights in this episode.
Download : MF

Jr. ni Q

Jr. ni Q hosted by Yabu and Yamada in wich Juniors present their best buddies amongst each other (I guess this was intended to be shown in the previous episode where the theme was "Nakama"). A very cute Jr. ni Q. The pairings were: Rin Takahashi/ Tanimura Ryuichi, Kurita Kei/Nakamura Reia, Kishi Yuta/ Jinguji Yuta ( who didn't came to the board. Not because he disagreed with Kishi about being buddies, but because he was absent on the recording day) and Kuramoto Kaoru and Inoue Mizuki (It seemed Yabu and Yamada were quite surprised about this pair, because Kaoru looks so much older than Mizuki...in fact Mizuki is only one month younger than Kaoru)
Download : MF


Talk part with Daiki, Yamada and Yabu with Haniuda Amu. I was quite surprised that Amu was a guest in this talk part. In a positive way, because he is like the shooting star on my personal Junior Charts since he became a regular on Johnnys Jr. Land and his appearance in the YOUBin of the January episode (wich you can find here. ). His actions on the Jr. Land SP are belonging to my favourite TV moments this year so far ( It is kind of unusal that a Junior convinces me to like him by spitting out food that he's been offered or by almost dying during a massage, but Amu did exactley that). Towards the end of the talk Amu seemed to await more questions of the hosts, because he made no move to take his position for the upcoming performance at the time the hosts expected him to do so. I don't know why, but I liked that scene somewhat, too.
Download : MF


And now the definitive Highlight of this episode: The Junior medley consisting entirely of Ya-Ya-Yah songs ( "HA.RU.NA.TSU.A.KI.FU.YU", "Summer x Summer x Summer", "2 of us", "Love together 2002") !! Sounds great? It is!!!

Main performers are Kuramoto Kaoru, Takahashi Fu, Kishi Yuta, Haniuda Amu and Nakamura Reia, but the Medley gave a lot of chances to shine for the others Juniors, too. It would take me too long to list them all here, so just watch yourself. But I have to give extra kudos to Fu for his very acrobatic hiphop dancing during "Summer x Summer x Summer". It looked exhausting, but he just jumped up at the end and performed on without even taking a breath. Impressing!
As said this the Highlight not only of this episode but also of the entire month to me. Great songs, great memories, great performance, great performers. For a few seconds I wished Yabu would have joined them at the end, but giving it a second tought this would have been inappropriate. Nevertheless it was great the way it was.
Download : MF


The ending song is also bound to Ya-Ya-Yah to me, even if it is origanlly a Hikaru Genji song and was also performed by numerous others (and will again be released as a coupling song by Sexy Zone on their upcoming single). It's the ever-green "Yuuki 100%" performed by the Juniors, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z and with Kis-myFt2 joining in. Nice ending of a great episode!
Download : MF

And since today is 03/13 : Happy Birthday, Kento !!

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