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Shonen Club Cut Episode 2012/04/04.

Only one cut this time, because I failed to convert it properly, it was even hard enough to do a cut. If you ever tried to work with matroska files you'll probaly understand why I will wait with more cuts from this episode until there is a file easier to work with.
Anyway, this particular performance featured the most important Shonen Club news to me since the return of Kouchi Yugo.

The opening starts with Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma greeting the audience and then a medley of "Sakura Sake" and "School Kakumei" follows. "Sakura Sake" is performed by TOY (still featuring Morita Myuto singing on the frontline with Yasui Kentaro) , Kouchi Yugo, Matsumura Hokuto and TAFKAH, the artists formerly known as HipHop Jump. And I mean all of the final HHJ line-up. That means Kadoi Kento is back!  Since he wasn't in any magazines or the Jr. calendar and was absent from the stage of Shonen Club and livestages of other shows since January (!), I really didn't expected him to come back. I'm very,very, VERY glad that I was wrong!!
Very nice performance (including rap part by Tanaka Juri)! For the second part Hey!Say!JUMP are entering the stage for a performance of "School Kakumei" with lots of Juniors in the back (and sometimes even on the front). A really good starter, I hope I can share cuts of the things that followed sometimes later.
Download (MKV , 1280 x 720 Res.) : MF

Tags: download: video, hey say jump, hip hop jump, kadoi kento, kouchi yugo, matsumura hokuto, morita myuto, tanaka juri, yasui kentaro
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